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My name is Zach Mayer. I'm a .NET developer and UI Engineer in Dallas.
.NET Logo I've been working as a developer in Dallas since 2005, and my core technologies are Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with C# and .NET 3.5/4.0, MS SQL Server and Management Studio 2005/2008, CSS3, XHTML/XHTML5, javascript and the jQuery framework. Please take a look around this site to see some of my past work and future projects.

If you would like to contact me, please use my contact information which is kept current on my resume.

My Resume

Where am I?

I'm currently employed at is America's largest dating site, and an industry leader. We provide a safe, fun environment for singles to connect, meet, and fall in love.'s matching algorithms and user experience are constantly being updated to keep up with the demands of our millions of users, and thanks to a top notch development and IT team we are able to deliver consistently fast, and consistently exciting experiences to our users and business partners here and around the globe.

What am I working on?

Current Project: Javascript Closure Framework
I've been working with my team on a lightweight javascript framework which promises to allow us the flexibility to write less script, while producing a superior fast user experience in a maintainable environment. With millions of page views per day load times are extremly important, and because serves a wide variety of customers and system specs, load times are extremely important. Fast javascript performance for our clients means more revenue, so the work is pretty important.